What is realtime route optimisation?

Author: Open Door Logistics
What is realtime route optimisation?

What is realtime route optimisation and how can it help your business?

In this short video, we explain what realtime route optimisation is and look at the industries which can benefit from it. These include:

– Home delivery networks with one or two-hour deliveries.
– Companies with mobile workforces – engineers, technicians, tradies.
– Takeout delivery companies – e.g. pizza, Chinese food, fine dining on-demand.
– Taxis and on-demand passenger transportation.
– Truck drivers doing same-day collections.
– Any industry which takes bookings and offers customers timeslots.

With realtime route scheduling, the optimiser is always running and always refining its routes. It takes a constant stream of new data – events, GPS, new orders. It replans when drivers get delayed, shifting pending pickups or services to nearby vehicles. Late-running is smoothed out across your fleet. Time slots are optimised during the booking process, so you never blow your delivery capacity or offer customers a time slot you can’t serve.

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