Unprecedented Peaks

Unprecedented Peaks

Author: Emily

In the fast-paced realm of global logistics and e-commerce, the role of international postal services has never been more crucial. Post & Parcel speaks with Eduardo Herrera,  International Director of Correos y Telégrafos S.A., to gain insights into the dynamic landscape of cross-border logistics, Correos’ unexpected peak season performance and Spain’s potential as a strategic player in international logistics.

Can you tell me about your role?

As the International Director of Correos I take care of all business to do with imports and exports and I’m responsible for both the sales and the operations. I look after customers across mainland Spain and the Canary Islands.

How has peak gone for Correos?

Peak has gone better than we expected and higher than our client’s expectations. We have been able to manage these unexpected volumes and have taken advantage of our capacity. And, better than that, we have been able to do it whilst retaining our standard of service. For our main clients we create a commitment to ensure that we can process and deliver the volume they forecast. That can be up to two or 3 times their regular volume during standard season. This helps us to prepare our network to manage the volume,  and avoid any potential backlog.

Why did you expect peak volumes to be lower?

Unprecedented Peaks

All our customers have been talking about smaller volumes – even the biggest global companies expected peak to be smaller than it has

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