The Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping: How to Make Sure You Are Getting More Bang for Your Buck

Author: Adam Robinson

The capacity crunch has arrived, and shippers are scrambling to find ways to make a profit in logistics. The wrong strategy or blend of transportation modes will result in losses, and since consumers only see product costs through Amazonian eyes, increasing product price points and shipping charges is unacceptable. However, the benefits of full truckload shipping can be accessed by approaching logistics from a strategic vantage point, understanding the mode more thoroughly.

The Problem: Shippers Often Overlook the Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping

Full truckload shipping requires shippers fill an entire van or use a full flatbed trailer. Shipping costs are the same for a given type of shipment in full truckload. According to USA Trucking Services, full truckload freight shipping may vary by carrier, including those transporting general merchandise or specializing in a type of shipment, like cold storage.

During a shipment, explains Zipline Logistics, the trailer is filled by a shipper within the carrier’s expectations, including weight and volume. The driver receives all paperwork, i

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