Session 5: Investing in the future

Author: Automotive Logistics via Youtube
Session 5: Investing in the future

“We will see more change in the next 5-10 years than there’s been in the last 50” – Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors

The automotive and logistics sectors are evolving at a rapid pace and at the heart of this change is an evolution in technology, driving innovative business models and disrupting traditional players. Understanding what to invest in has the potential to reap huge rewards; however, it is also coupled with huge risk.

How do we accelerate the development of new technologies?
What are the investment strategies?
Where are investors looking to invest: early stage or mid-stage?
How do you determine the investment prospects?
What drives investment in supply chain technology?
What is the business case for investing in supply chain technology?
This session will examine the investment requirements for the future, how to accelerate the development of new technologies across the wider supply chain environment, and how to identify the next investment opportunities.

Moderator: Neemish Ladwa International Conference Manager Automotive Logistics group

Johannes Nünning Founder & Head UQBATE Deutsche Telekom
Wolfgang Lehmacher Director, Supply Chain and Transport Industries World Economic Forum
Greg Slawson Global Vertical Lead Automotive DSV

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