Retail innovations under scrutiny at Omni-Channel Conference

Author: Malory Davies

Robots are now rumbling along London’s streets delivering goods to people, and the company behind the initiative will be explaining how it’s done at the Omni-Channel Conference in London in September.

Sandra Sooläte, head of UK operations for Starship Technologies, will look at the future of robotics in logistics; the benefits and challenges of using Starship’s robots; and how they can cater to retailers needs for flexibility of deliveries.

The UK may be a leader in omni-channel retail, but ultimately the big growth will be international. Nick Fox, chief operating officer at the, will examine the cross border opportunities in Europe and the rest of the world when he speaks at the Omni-Channel Conference.

He will focus on how cross border opportunities can help retailers increase their sales; as well as looking at the challenges that retailers can face in the fulfilment process.

Conference chair Dr Jonathan Gorst, principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, will focus on returns and how the use of a tool kit can improve this.
He will present case studies from retailers to help improve their omni-channel returns; explain the challenges of returns, consider finance, resource of employees, what the problems are; and how the tool kit can improve the returns process.

The retail environment is critical to the development of omni-channel operations. Ian Irving, founder and creative strategy director at Kemosabe will examine the key challenges: Are you up to date with retail today; and are you directly connecting with consumers, what do they really want?

He will also demonstrate ways to focus on end to end customer experiences, ensuring delivery options are catered towards the new consumer.

Vinesh Patel, operations manager – mobile at Sky will focus on t

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