Power Up Mondays | Episode 13: The Art of Delegation | Syndicate Logistics

Author: Syndicate Logistics

Timbo shares with Will cover the art of delegation. To be effective as a leader and for your company to grow, delegation is key. Give your employees the tools they need to perform at a high level and then trust them.

Get ready for Power Up Mondays! Hosts William Lubbesmeyer, President of Syndicate Logistics, and Tim Hutchinson, Safety Manager, are transforming the transportation industry with unique insight and unbridled enthusiasm. Trucking doesn’t have to be an isolated industry. Every week they’ll be connecting people and ideas within the transportation industry.
Syndicate Logistics is a Minnesota based transportation & logistics company dedicated to developing long term relationships with its clients by providing valuable, timely & reliable freight solutions that strengthen their supply chain.
We are dynamic and we strive to deliver an extraordinary level of service driven by results.
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