Podcasting Pioneer to WavLand CEO: Jason Hoch’s Saga of Success

Author: Supply Chain Now
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Starting a company is simultaneously incredibly hard work and a joy for most people who set out to do so.

On today’s episode of Supply Chain Now, we welcome back former guest Jason Hoch – now CEO of his newly founded company, Wavland.

An individual with awards from Apple Podcast and Webby Awards and more than 20 years in the new media space to his name, working for innovative enterprises such as HowStuffWorks, Imperative Entertainment, and Discovery, Hoch joins us to share his insights on going solo to date.

Discussions include a consideration of how to scale effectively, the CEO highlighting the need to strike a balance between growth and sustaining a common thread of quality – something he is working towards whilst producing eight shows concurrently.

From soulless sandwiches to the therapeutic nature of running, Hoch also highlights many of the ingredients that have enabled him to flourish personally and professionally to this date. With advice on managing projects, navigating change, culture, leadership, storytelling, the importance of authenticity, and more, this one’s worth tuning into.

Additional Links & Resources:

Learn more about Jason Hoch: https://www.jason-hoch.com/

Check out Land Man, starring Billy Bob Thornton, now in production with Taylor Sheridan and Paramount +, based on the Boomtown podcast Jason produced: https://bit.ly/3StYir4

Check out The High Roller Heist, the first podcast launch from Wavland: https://bit.ly/42sGLEf

Learn more about Supply Chain Now: https://supplychainnow.com

This episode is hosted by Scott Luton. For additional information, please visit our dedicated show page at: https://supplychainnow.com/podcasting-pioneer-wavland-ceo-1232

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