Online retail powers on

Author: Charles Pauka

Proportion of online shoppers by Technology Adoption Segments*

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April – March 2018 (n = 50,014). *NB: Overall population breakdown of Technology Adoption Segments are as follows: Technology Early Adopters: 19.4%; Professional Technology Mainstream: 16.1%; Digital Life: 17.0%; Older Tech Explorers: 9.0%; Technology Traditionalists: 23.2%; Technophobes: 15.3% Base: Australians 14+ buying on the internet in last 4 weeks, n = 5,787.

New research from Roy Morgan shows that over the year to March 2018, 9.46 million Australians 14+ (46.8%) purchased something online in an average four week period, an increase of 590,000 in just 12 months. It also represents an increase of 2.3 million since 2014.

The Roy Morgan Single Source survey of over 50,000 consumers was conducted in the 12 months ended March 2018, including over 5,000 online shoppers.

What Australians are buying online

Entertainment and Leisure items account for the greatest number of internet shoppers, with 4.5 million people buying something from this category in any given four weeks, followed by Fashion (2.7 million), Food and Beverages (2.4 million) and Reading Material (2.2 million).

Online shopping has risen for every product category in the chart except for Furniture. Between 2017 and 2018, Fashion Shoppers (2.7m) and Health and Beauty products (1.4m) both increased sales by 21.1% over the year, with Entertainment and Leisure up by 11.1%.

Online shopping still more the domain of the tech savvy but is becoming mainstream

While online shopping is gaining ever-increasing momentu

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