Omnichannel In Manufacturing: Why Manufacturers Are Following Retailers to an Omnichannel World

Author: Jason Rosing

Retailers are evolving, and supply chains must evolve with them. The application of omnichannel in manufacturing primarily focuses on the collaboration between suppliers, or vendors, and distributors. To understand this relationship, we have to consider its driving forces, how it affects omnichannel experiences, and what it means for warehousing capabilities and capacity.

The Problem: Seamless Omnichannel Experiences Extend Beyond Retailer-Customer Relationships

Keeping up with customers’ demands has natural implications for business-to-business sellers, including manufacturers. Key applications of omnichannel in manufacturing include increasing end-to-end visibility in material availability; however, many companies overlook ways to improve manufacturer-warehouse relationships, thus they are unable to push operations beyond availability and reliability of supplies, reports Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Manufacturers still using disjointed processes and operating in functional silos are unable to keep up with demand.

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