Maersk Fluid Technology promotes blending fuel on board


Maersk Fluid Technology (MFT) has published a white paper examining the benefits of blending-on-board (BOB) on system oil.”System Oil by Blending-on-Board” explores the many benefits for system oil that are conferred by the company’s patented SEA-Mate BOB system, reports London’s Tanker Operator.The paper details how BOB developed in-house by the AP Moller subsidiary as a means of producing cylinder lubricant suited to different fuel types and engine operation modes for crosshead 2-stroke engines has even more benefits for the engine’s system oil.BOB significantly improves the system oil making the engine more efficient and reducing fuel consumption. The consequent reduction in exhaust emissions is also beneficial to the environment, the paper said.System oil cools and lubricates essential engine components. It is as well used as hydraulic oil for operating and controlling engine components and systems, fuel injection equipment, exhaust valves and turbochargers.Under normal circumstances, the system oil degrades in the time between system oil changes; becoming thicker, losing its detergent characteristics and becoming contaminated by wear particles and possibly by leakage from the upper cylinder through the piston stuffing box.Said MFT managing director Jens Byrgesen: “Users of BOB have been impressed with the improved engine performance and maintenance that have resulted from the cleaner system oil and have welcomed the cost savings the improvements bring.”

Source: Transportweekly

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