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lux-Airport - my platform for logistics

This video shows the cargo traffic at Luxembourg Airport, unusual freight such as the loading of entire helicopters, large aircraft engines, luxury cars, racehorses and specialized cool chain logistics for the pharmaceutical and healthcare.

Luxembourg Airport is at 6th place in the European top 10 of the largest airfreight airports. Hence the growth continues. The first four months of 2017 saw an exceptionally high growth in airfreight volumes at Luxembourg Airport with 286,000 tonnes and a plus of 16,4% compared to the volumes during the same period of an already very successful year 2016. This growth rate exceeds the worldwide 14 % growth of airfreight according to the IATA first quarter statistics of 2017.
To cope with this growth, the construction of the four new cargo aircraft stands capable to accommodate the Boeing 747-8 Freighter has started at Luxembourg Airport. One stand is even specially designed for the Antonov 124 aircraft. The first two stands will be available in April of 2018, followed by two additional stands in October of 2018.

Luxembourg Airport would like to thank the Air Navigation Administration and the Directorate of Civil Aviation for their strong support during the film works. Thanks to all participants and people involved – especially the airlines, pilots, air-traffic controllers and security staff. Please note that this film was realized with special high-tech equipment and trained drone pilots in coordination with airlines, pilots, air-traffic controllers, and authorities and in accordance with applicable legislation. Have fun watching this new cargo movie and subscribe our channels on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN ON THE SPEAKERS – GREAT SOUND!

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