Logistics Plus Inc. – Hot Wings Challenge #2 Promo

Author: Logistics Plus Inc.
Logistics Plus Inc. - Hot Wings Challenge #2 Promo

Years ago we had a hot wing contest at Quaker Steak and it was a blast. We had some pros who ate the Suicide Wings (you have to sign a paper before they allow you to eat them) like candy (Lena, Chaffee for sure) and some others (don’t want to mention any names—Craig) who suffered immensely. (You can see some of the pics on the wall in the hallway outside of NAD).

Well we want to have a hot wing contest #2. We have a lot of new folks since then. And a lot of new folks joining us now. So it will be a good chance to eat some wings, have some laughs and get to know one another a bit better (and to meet the new folks and FORCE THEM to eat some suicidal wings).

When: Wednesday, June 13th
Where: Quaker Steak Lube on Upper Peach St.
Time: 6pm

Be there or be square (and check out Suraj’s video here)

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