Keys to Developing High Performing 3PL Sales Teams

Author: The Logistics of Logistics
Keys to Developing  High Performing 3PL Sales Teams

How you develop your sales team has a big impact on your logistics business. Even as the industry is becoming more data driven than ever before and cutting-edge software is increasingly used to manage freight from start to finish, the development of your sales team is still important. People skills do matter.

About the presenter:

Ann C. Holm MS PCC CPCC is a Professional Certified Coach since 2008, focusing on executive and career development along with personal branding. Ann specializes in helping individuals and teams uncover their potential so they can leverage it. She is an Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Master Practitioner (MBTI Personality Assessment) and has expertise in emotional intelligence, 360 Reach Personal Branding, and the entrepreneurial personality. She has both and Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from University of Michigan. Prior to her work as a coach, she had a 25 year career working in brain injury rehabilitation. is located in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. Please visit my Linkedin profile at

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