Jotun’s Offshore Coatings Slash Maintenance Costs


Jotun has revealed that since launching the world’s first NORSOK compliant system 1 for application by brush and roller on mechanically prepared steel one year ago, its innovative solution has gone on to gain approval for more than 20 different specifications with major asset owners.

The system has quickly emerged as a preferred solution for both fabric maintenance contractors and asset owners, demonstrating its ability to provide the optimum in protection and durability. It is specially designed for brush and roller application on power tooled and water jetted surfaces, achieving maintenance intervals up to 50% longer than standard products, while ensuring 40% time savings on paint maintenance.

Lasse Isaksen, Global Concept Director – Offshore, Jotun, says this simple, efficient, and high quality system greatly reduces costs for asset owners.

“In an industry, where maintenance costs for operating assets are up to 10-15 times higher than applying coatings in the yards, the fact that you can reduce the number of coats needed, while also extending the maintenance intervals, is a hugely compelling benefit for owners,” he says.

“Traditionally, contractors may have needed as much as five or six coats to achieve the required system build-up, but with the new maintenance system, the full build-up can be achieved by just one coat of each product, resulting in significant efficiencies.”

Jotun’s system has been engineered specifically for the purpose of offshore maintenance, whereas existing solutions are usually designed and tested in accordance with the standard for new constructions. This means they’re often designed for spray application and blast cleaned surfaces, rather than power tool cleaning and brush and roller application.

Isaksen notes: “Our system has been created with the user and end customer in focus – taking into consideration their exact needs and the quality they require to protect assets and reduce costs. This is the secret of its success.”

Jotun’s system is made up of a ceramically reinforced surface tolerant zinc rich epoxy, a high build surface tolerant epoxy primer and a one component polysiloxane topcoat. The system provides the same lifetime expectancy as a premium new building system intended for airless spray applica

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