Full Truckload Technology: The Various Technology Involved in Full Truckload Freight Shipping Management

Author: Adam Robinson

Statistics on the industry-wide use of a transportation management system (TMS), like the Cerasis Rater, are lacking. The most recent report on adoption rates of TMS is from 2015, with only 35 percent of shippers actively using a TMS, asserts Bridget McCrea of Logistics Management. A TMS makes up only a fraction of the full truckload technology available to shippers. In full truckload freight management, technology will make or break plans for keeping freight spend in check. Demand for record-breaking speed of delivery and free shipping are only making the case for greater use of technology in full truckload freight shipping management, and shippers need to understand why.

The Issue: Full Truckload Technology Is Essential to Survival in the Amazonian Age

Full truckload technology is essential to accessing the most carriers, drivers, and available capacity in a tight market. Amazon continues to push its own fleet forward, and the Big Box giants are willing to pay premium prices to get freight to market. Unfortunately, these factors make it difficult to attract drivers for full truckload freight from small and mid-sized shippers. However, technology can change the narrative.

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