Distribution Center Robots: How Robots Continue to Power the Distribution Center

Author: Jason Rosing

Spurred by the record-breaking growth of e-commerce and rising labor costs, robots can have a very positive impact in distribution centers when implemented correctly.

E-commerce defines the state of global supply chains today. As Amazon continues to push toward dominance of all sales channels, more companies must tap into the power of automation to fulfill more orders. As explained by Clint Raiser of Logistics Viewpoints, e-commerce retail sales have grown at 15% annually, doubling in size since 2012. To meet rising demand, supply chain executives must begin considering new ways to increase the capacity of their existing facilities.

Why Do Companies Fear Distribution Center Robots and Their Implementation?

Distribution center robots are a force in the Amazon powerhouse, reports the Association for Advancing Automation. When Amazon purchased Kiva robots, distribution center robots became the new “shiny object turned real-world effective object” of e-commerce fulfillment. Robotics provides a boost to distribution centers and warehouse managers seeking ways to increa

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