Being Pragmatic about tracking

Author: Mike Farish

Pragmatic FlexIC material

Assigning materials and components an individual identity that can be tracked easily and reliably from the goods-inward stage through production to delivery to the customer, and even throughout their lifespan, is a fundamental element of effective logistics. In a high-volume environment such as mainstream automotive manufacturing, this will mean that the goods themselves carry some device or code, often an RFID tag, that can be read by or communicate with external monitoring equipment that is integrated with a database.

But at least a few aspects of the conventional RFID approach can be problematic. One is that the electronic tags can still prove expensive when their numbers reach five or six figures. Another is that such tags, though very small, are made with a hard silicon substrate that can make them susceptible to impact damage and in some instances compromise the integrity of protective packaging.

So what if these limitations could be removed by way of goods, parts and packages carrying with them, instead, a flexible, ultra-thin tag that is cheaper than silicon but no less robust an

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