Automated driver training: what works and what doesn’t

Author: Aaron Huff

Boyle Transportation truck parked

As noted in this previous article, a convergence of technology is happening with advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS) and fleet safety data that makes it possible to identify more complex patterns of risk.

A growing number of onboard platforms now integrate data from cameras and sensors in an around the vehicle to create a “single source of truth” to assess driver performance.

It’s not enough to integrate driver safety technology, as it “must also be easy to use and be an integral part of what is already occurring in that driver’s cab,” says Jeff Champa, vice president of product management at Omnitracs. “The last thing a driver needs are more distractions.”

As a fleet management provider, Omnitracs doesn’t add more lights or audible alerts in the cab, explains Drew Schimelpfenig, who leads the company’s Safety Center of Excellence. Instead, its mobi

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