Asset-light: Six ways transportation companies are breaking the mold of logistics

Author: Aaron Huff

Transportation companies are finding new ways to scale their businesses without having to invest in equipment and facilities.

Technology is fueling a growth in nonasset transportation and logistics by helping companies solve more complex problems for their customers and increasing the efficiency and speed of freight transactions.

Whether or not a transportation company has its own fleet, it can expand its value to shippers by providing seamless visibility of all freight no matter whose assets are powering the loads.

Many other capabilities are making it possible for asset and nonasset transportation providers to grow and increase margins more rapidly in today’s freight environment.

Predictive freight matching

Some of the companies that provide freight tracking systems have developed freight-matching services that use historical and real-time locations and other data to predict where and when capacity will be available in the carrier network of a 3pl or freight broker.

Trucker Tools' Freight Matching Platform

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity predictive freight-matching platform uses the company’s smartphone app that drivers use for trip planning.

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