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Allegro Mall / Online market LLC
Allegro was founded in 2012 and has been around for over 10 years. At its inception, it was an auction site. As the platform continued to grow and the number of users increased, the platform eventually became one of the few platforms in the European market, surpassing ebay and Amazon as one of the platforms .

Allegro is the largest e-commerce platform in Poland and the largest in Europe in terms of local e-commerce traffic. By 2022, Internet penetration in Poland is expected to increase from the current 66.9% to around 69.2%.

Including its plans for Mall Group and WE|DO, Allegro is updating its mid-term expectations and has set CAGR GMV for the period 2022-2026
Ninety percent of Polish consumers choose Allegro for their online purchases. We have proven experience in operating European cross-border e-commerce platforms.

We sell a wide range of products at affordable prices to consumers all over the world.

Allegro is very popular in Poland, ranking 251st among the most used online sites in the world by Alexa Internet and 5th in Poland (as of January 2017). 70 million items are sold through the Allegro platform every month.

Allegro offers a discovery-based shopping experience that mirrors the way consumers have shopped in brick-and-mortar stores for years. With increased interaction, our a.i understands our users needs and plans personalized products for them. Our merchants continue to expand their product selection and offer a more diverse range of products at competitive prices.

Platform Advantages

Online, platform-based logistics channels: Solving the problem of asymmetric logistics information and limited resources for sellers, merchants are free to choose their logistics and delivery channels.
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