Advice from Our Dads

Author: Devyn Sanchez

The world is full of people wanting to give us advice – often unsolicited! But when it comes from our parents we tend to give it our full attention. This week, in recognition of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, June 17 in the U.S., we wanted to share advice from our fathers.

As the University & Diversity Specialist at JDA, I have the fun opportunity to engage with many college students, including our summer interns. I reached out to several young women working as JDA interns this summer to learn about the best advice they had received from their dads. In the process, it reflected on my own dad, and what I learned from him.

My dad taught me that your work ethic means everything. Regardless, of where you start or come from, your work ethic will change where you finish. My father did not graduate high school. While this is not something he proudly declares, it’s something I mention when I begin to describe his tenacity and work ethic. He managed to own and operate a car audio shop in his 20’s, which set a foundation for him to invest in multiple housing properties over the years. He was a self-employed electrician who always had jobs lined up (mostly because he can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere). He worked hard in a 30-year marriage to raise and send my sister and me to college – debt free. Thanks Dad for not only setting a notable example, but showing me, I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.

Obviously, my dad taught me a lot – through his words and examples. And now I’ve had the opportunity learning from the fatherly advice shared by the JDA interns. Their words of wisdom are something we all can learn from. #ThanksDad

Jenna Fitzgerald
Customer Experience Intern, Scottsdale, AZ
Rising Senior at Arizona State University – Go Sun Devils!!!

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