Advancing driver pay with automation

Author: Aaron Huff

TMW added a new “collect” process in TMWSuite for user-defined pay to be automatically added based off of the rules the customer defines.

Driver pay raises of 7 to 11 cents per mile were the norm in the first quarter, according to data from the National Transportation Institute. In addition to raising mileage pay, many commercial and private fleets have developed new pay and incentive programs that account for a lot more than mileage.

Some carriers now guarantee a weekly amount to drivers that meet certain conditions. Others have decided to implement an hourly pay structure. And a select few have created salary plans. The variety of performance-based pay and incentives are expanding as well.

Altogether, carriers are getting creative with driver pay and losing the linear relationship that used to exist with their mileage-based rating, billing and payroll processes.

Flow charts for payroll

Increasingly, carrier’s driver pay programs use data from multiple sources. A transportation management system, for e

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