5G Holds Great Promise Across the Supply Chain, but Challenges Remain

5G Holds Great Promise Across the Supply Chain, but Challenges Remain

Author: Steve Banker

5G Holds Great Promise Across the Supply Chain, but Challenges Remain

5G promises high bandwidth, low latency, and massive IoT device connectivity. For industry, the ability to better connect machines, objects, and devices is what is driving excitement for this technology. Patrick Arnold, a research analyst at ARC Advisory Group, says that suppliers of industrial solutions are responding by investing in new product design and incorporating 5G into their portfolios.

“5G” is the 5th generation mobile network. It is based on a new global wireless standard.

In the industrial realm, solutions are what drive the adoption of new technology,” Mr. Arnold explained. In smart manufacturing, for example, the deployment of a multitude of sensors and devices for real-time monitoring of machinery, predictive maintenance, and quality control are primary use cases.

Mr. Arnold continued, “in logistics and smart warehouses, the tracking and coordination of numerous assets, some of which operate autonomously, benefit from the massive IoT device capacity and low-latency communication offered by 5G. In the realm of mobile assets like vehicles, robots, and drones, 5G’s reliable uptime and low latency enable real-time data exchange crucial for navigation, coordination, and decision-making.”

A key strength of 5G is its capability to connect non-traditional assets that would prove challenging for wireline infrastructure or other wireless technologies. In remote assets, including those dispersed over a wide area or in challenging industrial environments, 5G can facilitate efficient data transmission and control. These features position 5G “as a transformative technology for connecting a diverse array of assets beyond the conventional scope” of today’s use cases. This unlocks new possibilities for innovation and optimization in various industries,” Mr. Arnold explained. One example is that maintenance personnel can benefit from the swift and reliable transfer of large datasets, including heavy image

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